Guidelines for Research Portfolio

Template Solicitation Letter for Non-Arm’s Length Reviewer

Examples of Team Science:



The Research Portfolio provides an opportunity for the faculty candidate to detail the research and the type of research that he or she brings to the University of Michigan.

The Research Portfolio is especially important to faculty members engaging in team or “big” science where there are multiple critical contributors across many disciplines, in contrast to a single PI in a single lab effort.

The Research Portfolio is an open format for faculty and it is not template.  However, there are some suggested guidelines.

For team scientists, please detail your role and exact contributions in each of the teams where you have done your work.  It would be helpful to detail your exact contributions in each team and to enumerate the resulting publications, and your role in each publication.

In addition, you can solicit letters from fellow team members attesting to your role in the team and your critical contributions to the team’s success.  Although these letters do not replace the requirement for arms-length outside letters, they do provide information that is critical to the evaluation of your scientific accomplishments and contributions.