Here are some frequently asked questions. If you have a question that isn't listed here, please contact Sonya Jacobs at

1. What about my credentialing and privileging?

Observing, teaching or participating in a clinical setting may require certain clinical privileges. Consult with your Chair regarding the process.

2. How is parking handled?

Emeritus faculty can obtain a free parking pass for complimentary parking after 3pm. Please see the section on "Retirees" on the Parking & Transportation Services website for more information.

3. Is an active Emeritus considered an active employee or a retired employee as far as HR benefits are concerned?

Once you retire, your department needs to recognize you as Emeritus.  If you want to continue to do research, or teach, or see patients, then you need "Active" Emeritus status, which your chair can put through the Executive Board and then it gets signed off on by the Regents.   So, Active Emeritus is a title but you are still retired, therefore, would receive retiree benefits through HR. 

4. I am Emeritus but I am still being paid a percentage of my FTE on my grant, how do my benefits work?  That is, are my benefits retirement benefits?

You are retired, therefore would receive retirement benefits no matter how much FTE you have on a grant(s).

5. Will I still have access to online journals when I retire?

Yes. For more information on library services for retired Faculty, please click here:

6. Where can I learn more on phased retirement, furlough, and income options for retirment?

There is more information on phased retirement, furlough, and income options on the HR Benefits website:


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