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2011 Honorable Mentions


Administrator of the Year Honorable Mention

Carolyn M. Cole-Brown, Chief Department Administrator, Department of Orthopaedic Surgery
“Carolyn has had a dramatic impact in the department,” wrote one of her colleagues. “She is completely dedicated to positively impacting change.” Carolyn assumed her role in the Department of Orthopaedic Surgery in 2005, a few years after the department separated from the Department of Surgery. She has developed outstanding relationships with faculty and staff and has been instrumental in projects designed to enhance care delivery, improve patient access and reduce wait times within the Department’s clinics. Across the Health System, Carolyn has played a major role in several institution-wide projects, including the planning for an organized musculoskeletal health program and the redesign of human resource services across clinical departments. “Impeccable integrity, respect and compassion for others, and efficiency in approach earn her the respect of others,” wrote another colleague.

Professional Staff of the Year

Susan A. Chrysogelos, Human Resources Generalist Intermediate, Department of Internal Medicine
“Susan’s positive approach, her ability to pick apart a process and rebuild it, her attention to detail and her mentorship of staff are impressive,” wrote one of her colleagues. She provides exceptional customer service according to department faculty she supports with faculty affairs-related issues. She leads several team members and her ability to mentor and train her peers has been critical to the team’s success. Susan is also recognized as an institutional resource as evidenced by her service on multiple Health System-wide committees related to faculty onboarding, credentialing and enrollment. “Susan makes it all look easy and simply finds a way to get it all done,” wrote another colleague. “I am continually amazed at the skills with which Susan performs her duties,” added another. “Everything she does clearly demonstrates her dedication to the mission of the Medical School.”

Support Staff of the Year

Brenda A. Vibbart, Administrative Assistant Intermediate Healthcare, Department of Internal Medicine
“Brenda is a ‘can-do’ person. She creatively problem solves and anticipates problems before they occur,” wrote a colleague. Brenda goes above and beyond her administrative role and never hesitates to do more than asked. She effortlessly juggles her many roles, including assisting several faculty members, supporting the fellowship program, administering grants, providing technical support for several clinical projects, and coordinating schedules for clinical service. She is hard-working, caring and passionate and brings a breadth of experience and technical expertise to her role. Brenda ‘s extensive experience and in-depth  understanding of how the VA Health System and UMHS function allow her to work across administrative domains with ease and grace. “She exemplifies the highest level of administrative support and is a model for others,” wrote one colleague. “Without Brenda, we would be lost!” added another.