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2010 Honorable Mentions

Cynthia Bower, Assistant Managing Director, Michigan Institute for Clinical and Health Research (MICHR) Research and Innovation, and Clinical Manager, Michigan Clinical Research Unit (MCRU)

"Cyndi manages to simultaneously advocate for her staff, her customers, and her research patients and do it all with the kind of thoughtful attention to detail that leads to lasting results," wrote one of her colleagues. Cyndi is recognized by supervisors, colleagues, and staff as a superb leader who creates a positive and productive work environment for staff. She has succeeded in driving major cultural change within her organization. She has helped the unit transition to new operational and staffing models that have improved customer satisfaction and enabled expansion of services. She really knows how to find creative ways to do more with less! "As the horizon continues to change in the research realm, Cyndi has voluntarily taken on additional responsibilities needed to facilitate quality research participant care and maintain the integrity of the research data," wrote another colleague.

Molly Dwyer-White, Associate Managing Director of the Outreach, Partnerships, and Implementation Science Program at the Michigan Institute for Clinical and Health Research (MICHR)

"Molly's work takes her out into the community where she does an excellent job of representing the Medical School and U-M," wrote one of her colleagues, "and she consistently brings a positive attitude to everything she does." Molly is responsible for (formerly ENGAGE), a centralized web portal and registry for clinical research that has received national attention. Under Molly's leadership, the program has increased the number of studies included in the database. Her leadership has also been key in bringing new research dollars to U-M. And she has served a lead role in preparing for national and regional conferences in this field. "Molly has established herself as a source of innovative ideas and reliable follow through," added another colleague.

Valerie Stevenson, Administrative Director, Neurological Emergencies Treatment Trials Network (NETT) of the Department of Emergency Medicine

"Valerie is the ultimate professional in her role and has always upheld our values of respect, compassion, trust, integrity and efficiency," wrote a colleague. She has also gained the respect and trust of team members. Valerie is applauded for her organizational and interpersonal skills and her availability to team members and colleagues. She is well known for her willingness and ability to tackle any problem and the compassion for patients that drives everything NETT does. She developed a novel approach to research subcontracting in collaboration with another U-M division. "In my tenure as a faculty member, I simply cannot recall a more dedicated, engaged, proactive and supportive professional staff member," another colleague added.

Daphne Molnar, Senior Training Specialist, Unit for Laboratory Animal Medicine

"Daphne has a strong moral character and is extremely committed to high standards of care for animals used in research," wrote a colleague. "She also takes great care to foster a positive environment for her co-workers and the department as a whole." Daphne is always seeking better ways of doing things. She can handle any situation efficiently. She has initiated several major projects and has seen each through to completion. Daphne is well respected by all the staff in her unit for her commitment and reliability. She continually strives to further her professional knowledge by participating in local and national organizations in the field, and she shares her expertise and experience freely. She is actively involved with state and national organizations and has presented at numerous workshops. "Daphne has been an ambassador for U-M through her professionalism and involvement in various aspect of training," wrote another colleague.

Brenda Chism, Student Activities Coordinator, Office of Medical Student Education

"What sets Brenda apart is her absolute attention to detail and her irrepressible drive for excellence, yet she is incredibly flexible and attentive to the needs others," wrote her colleague. Brenda treats everyone with whom she comes in contact with the utmost respect and compassion, and in turn, she is held in high regard by her colleagues, students and faculty. She has an ability to quickly learn new skills, independently handle complex projects, and willingly accept change, enabling the department to explore advanced testing processes. She is always able to develop quick solutions to emergency situations, putting the students at ease. She works to improve not only the way in which we assess our students but also the curriculum itself. She is not only a facilitator, but an engine of innovation as well. "Her commitment and enthusiasm are contagious," added another colleague.

Laurie Koivupalo, Administrative Assistant, Medical Scientist Training Program (MSTP), Office of Medical Student Education

"Laurie is very efficient and organized, great at multi-tasking, enjoys aiming for perfection and learning new skills, and has a very friendly and positive demeanor," wrote her colleague. Laurie keeps track of all the details of admissions and statistics that are needed for the MSTP program. She serves as a gracious receptionist and is the first contact for applicants, students and their families, and faculty who come to the office. She is extremely mindful of the mission of the MSTP, helping the fellows navigate their eight years through the program. Laurie makes excellent decisions and knows what to do before she's asked! She is always polite and works effectively and collaboratively with her colleagues and supervisors. "Laurie's work has made my experience and that of other fellows easier and more pleasant," wrote an MD/PhD candidate.