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2009 Honorable Mention

Dorene Markel, Managing Director, Michigan Institute for Clinical and Health Research (MICHR)

“Ms. Markel provides extraordinary service to the Medical School,” according to one of her colleagues. As Director of MICHR, she plays a key role in our research enterprise and is committed to improving the infrastructure and support for clinical and translational research. Ms. Markel is well regarded for her creativity and ability to turn good ideas into successful programs. Her colleagues credit her mentorship as a key driver of MICHR’s success. Ms. Markel’s skills are also recognized outside of MICHR where she is very active in a variety of Health System task forces and committees.

Cheryl Sweetland, Manager of Faculty Affairs, Department of Internal Medicine

“I can think of no one who has contributed more to the mission of the Health System,” writes a colleague. She and her team handle the complex and time-sensitive process for new and renewing faculty appointments for all 12 divisions of Internal Medicine – a department with nearly 700 faculty members, representing 30 percent of Medical School faculty. In this critical role, she provides exemplary customer service, fosters collaborative working relationships, and refuses to believe it when others suggest something can’t be done. Her efforts, energy, and attitude help provide an environment in which faculty can excel. Her colleagues describe her performance in one word: superb.

Dean Mueller, Coordinator, Anatomical Donations Program

“Mr. Mueller’s organizational and communication skills, personal and professional integrity, and ability to coordinate with faculty, staff, families, and clients make him an incredible asset to the Medical School,” according to a colleague. Mr. Mueller represents the Medical School to individuals and families who want to donate their bodies to the School for education and research. He also interacts with faculty, staff, students, funeral homes, and other clients. He does this with sensitivity, intelligence, and a positive attitude. His colleagues applaud his extraordinary dedication to helping others and his exceptional commitment to teamwork. Mr. Mueller is active in state and national organizations to promote this program and is often asked to speak at national meetings.

Mary Bolang, Taubman Clinic Manager, Department of Dermatology

“Ms. Bolang exemplifies professionalism in every aspect of her role,” writes a colleague. She manages the needs of patients and staff with finesse, and is recognized for her expertise, customer service, and attention to detail. Faculty and staff describe Ms. Bolang as an outstanding role model who has been instrumental to the success of several programs. She works tirelessly to improve clinic processes, flow, and efficiency, and the impact of her team’s efforts is a major contributor to the Department’s top patient satisfaction rating. Her employees appreciate her interest in their development, her integrity and honesty.