Your map to Admissions:

Park in the Michigan Medicine P2 Parking Deck. Make a note or take a photo of exactly where you parked.

Take the ELEVATOR to Level 2.

ENTER the Taubman Center.

Go RIGHT into main hallway, following signs to University Hospital.

Go LEFT at the end of the hallway.

CONTINUE to the end of this hallway.

Turn RIGHT, then LEFT to enter University Hospital.

PASS the Gift Shop and UH Café on your right.

CONTINUE down the entire length of this main hallway toward the Cancer Center, passing the courtyard on your left.

Enter the Cancer Center hallway.

Go RIGHT at the end of this hall and then LEFT through double doors.

Go LEFT after passing the Cancer Center staff elevators. Go RIGHT into hallway and up the ramp toward the Medical School.

Go RIGHT at the top of the ramp. Go LEFT through the double doors.

CONTINUE down hallway.

Take elevators on your RIGHT (where the class composites end) up to Level 4.

Go LEFT into main hallway and then immediately RIGHT, passing the portraits and display screen.

You made it to Admissions.

Enjoy your day!