Welcome to Regulatory Affairs

The UMMS Office of Regulatory Affairs works to build and maintain a strong foundation of regulatory good-standing upon which the Medical School’s missions can flourish.  Our mission is to lead or facilitate the prevention or resolution of concerns, disputes, and compliance issues related to laws, regulations, institutional policies, accreditation and certification requirements, and other professionally accepted standards that impact the activities and reputation of the Medical School.

Most regulations and standards are designed to protect people, animals, the environment, public dollars and trust, and/or our institutional integrity - shared goals that we can all work together to achieve.

Outside Interest Dislosures Forms and Information: M-Inform

We are in the process of revising and updating our web presence. If you are a member of UMHS, please follow this link to our new intranet site:  http://msa.med.umich.edu/RegulatoryAffairs, which has our most current information.


Contact Us:

Associate Dean for Regulatory Affairs

Raymond J. Hutchinson, M.D., M.S.
(rhutchin@umich.edu)  /  734-615-1702
Director of Regulatory Affairs

Pat Ward, M.P.A.
(patward@umich.edu)  /  734-647-1954
Conflict of Interest / Outside Interest Disclosure Manager JuneAnne Insco, B.A.
(insco@umich.edu)  / 734-615-9842
Regulatory Specialist--Conflict of Interest, Research Dana McIntyre, M.S.
(dyderski@umich.edu)  /  734-615-4199
COI/OID Administrative Specialist Amy Spicer, B.G.S.
(aspicer@umich.edu)  /  734-647-8372
Regulatory Specialist--General Diane Wilson, M.P.P., J.D.
(dlehman@umich.edu)  /  734-764-0634
Regulatory Affairs Executive Assistant Angela Milliken, B.S.
(amillik@umich.edu)  /  734-647-1576
Senior Administrative Assistant -- Part-time Sandy Clarke
(clarkesp@umich.edu) / 734-647-3438


3112 Med Sci I
1301 Catherine St., Ann Arbor, MI 48109-5624

Updated 10/16/14