Resources for Medical Education

The Department of Learning Health Sciences faculty provide several resources to the University of Michigan Medical School:

Teaching Methods & Curriculum Design — We work with basic science and clinical faculty to design curricula for undergraduate, graduate, and continuing medical education. This allows Medical School faculty to focus on educational goals and outcomes, instructional methods, innovative educational technologies, assessing outcomes, and planning the sequence of instruction.

Courses for Medical Students — We engage in direct teaching of medical students on a variety of topics, including educational methods, communication skills, professional values, social responsibility, and health policy.

Research Design & Statistical Consulting — We offer a full spectrum of evaluation and assessment expertise, ranging from large-scale program evaluation to the assessment of specific performance outcomes in individual students.

Data Management and Analysis Group — We offer fee-based assistance and consultation for research design and statistical needs within the field of medical education for U-M faculty and eternal clients.

Faculty Development — We present a wide range of faculty development opportunities through workshops, which we can tailor to the specific needs of your audience.

Graduate Medical Education — We work with the Graduate Medical Education program to enhance the residency programs at the University of Michigan.