Courses for Medical Students

The Department of Learning Health Sciences faculty teach the following courses to medical students through the University of Michigan Medical School:

Fordson Outreach
The goals of this outreach are to:

Activities include twice-weekly after-school tutoring/mentoring sessions, college preparatory workshops, and M-designed seminars and projects related to medicine and other allied health sciences.

Contact: Martha M. Funnell, M.S., M.H.S.A.

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Medical Spanish
This elective is an intensive 160-hour, non-clinical course available to intermediate-advanced bilingual students in their fourth year of medical school. It is offered in four weekly sessions of 40 hours each and has several core objectives:

Contact: Ana Gonzalez, M.A. and Larry D. Gruppen, Ph.D.

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Residents as Teachers
This fourth-year elective for medical students uses a wide range of instructional formats to cover various topics. Instructional formats are chosen to demonstrate best practices.

Course activities include:

Contact: Robert M. Anderson, Ed.D.

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Sociocultural Medicine
The primary goal of this elective is to provide an opportunity for medical students to become more directly involved in designing, implementing, and evaluating efforts to integrate diversity topics into medical training and to conduct research addressing racial and ethnic disparities in health and healthcare. The types of experiences are multiple and can include but are not limited to the following:

Contact: Patricia B. Mullan, Ph.D.

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Teaching in the Biomedical Sciences
This semester-long course provides Ph.D. graduate students in the biomedical sciences with a practical and applied introduction to:

The course emphasizes hands-on practice in a variety of techniques with formative feedback.

Contact: Larry D. Gruppen, Ph.D.

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