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Proteomic Services at Wayne State University

The Proteomics Facility Core at Wayne State University provides state-of-the-art technology for characterization of protein identity, modification and differential expression and to serve as a resource for training, education and consultation for proteomic applications to MDRC members. The Proteomics Core, under the direction of Paul M. Stemmer, PhD, Associate Professor, Wayne State University, will provide the following services for MDRC members:

MDRC members must email Martin G. Myers, Jr. MD, PhD ( to obtain approval to access the core.

Investigators planning large projects are encouraged to speak with either Dr. Stemmer, core director, (313-577-6536) or Dr. Joseph Caruso, co-director, (313-577-6542) before submitting samples.

For general inquiries about sample submission, please contact the laboratory at 313-577-6545.

A submission form should be included with all samples. That form is available on the Proteomics Facility Core web site at

Studies involving human subjects must submit documentation of IRB approval with the samples.

Studies that require IACUC approval must include the approved investigator’s name and the approval number with the samples.

Samples should be mailed with ice packs or dry ice to:

Wayne State University
Proteomics Facility Core
Room 2105, Scott Hall of Medical Sciences
540 East Canfield
Detroit, MI, USA, 48201

Samples are accepted by the core Monday through Friday. Morning delivery should be selected for samples that need to be opened on the day of delivery.

The fee structure for these services may be found at The MDRC will provide discounts for Proteomics Facility Core services for diabetes-related projects. Initially, a discount of 50% with a cap of $3000/investigator will be given. Discounts will be reassessed as we gain more experience with usage. To have your project reviewed for diabetes-relatedness, please e-mail Martin G. Myers, MD, PhD at

For complete information on the equipment, analysis tools, services and fees, submission criteria, etc. please go to