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The Chronic Disease Model

The model is specified as a series of disease and complication states, and transition probabilities. For example, in the Michigan Model for Diabetes (shown below), there are three stages of diabetes (corresponding to treatment intensity), three types of complications (nephropathy, retinopathy and neuropathy), and two comorbidities (cardiovascular and cerebrovascular). Each complication and comorbity is specified as a series of states corresponding to severity. In order to complete the definition of the model, it is also necessary to specify the transition probabilities between states that correspond to the arrows shown in the figure. In addition, it is possible to specify costs and health utilities associated with each state.

If you are interested in studying diabetes, you can download the Michigan Model for Diabetes, which is preloaded with estimates of the probabilities of transitions, costs and health utilities; you can then modify the specifications based on your anticipated intervention.

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Download the Model:

The Michigan model for diabetes is provided here as a file that is compatible with our modeling software. Downloading the file requires compliance to its license and registration. Please click below on the model version you wish to download. In addition a summary of simulation results is made available for each model below and can be accessed by clicking on the simulation results link in the model description below: