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Animal Phenotyping Core

The Animal Phenotyping Core (APC) aims to provide expertise and services to basic biomedical researchers using rodent models to study processes relevant to diabetes, its complications, and related endocrine and metabolic disorders. To accomplish this, the APC:

  1. Provides expert consultation and training to MDRC investigators regarding phenotyping strategies and experimental design to characterize rodent models of diabetes and related metabolic diseases.
  2. Provides MDRC investigators with the capability for sophisticated, standardized metabolic phenotyping of rodent models relevant to diabetes, obesity and associated metabolic diseases.
  3. Provides expert aid in the analysis and interpretation of data arising from services offered in the APC.
  4. Develops new techniques and acquire new technologies for rodent, whole animal metabolic phenotyping in response to the needs of MDRC investigators.

The Animal Phenotyping Core is an established fee-for-service laboratory that provides consultation and utilizes specialized skills and equipment to assess the metabolic state and related endocrine and behavioral phenotypes of rats and mice. APC services include: a) Glucose homeostasis and metabolic clamps, b) Whole animal metabolic assessment, c) Body composition, d) Radiotelemetric monitoring, e) Ingestive behavior, and f) Automated blood/body fluids sampling and infusion, as well as aid in experimental design and interpretation.


The facility is equipped with specialized equipment, such as CLAMS, glucose clamping apparatus, and the equipment reagents and personnel required to provide the analyses to investigators.


Animals to be phenotyped are transferred to the care of the Animal Phenotyping Core under University of Michiganís Committee on Use and Care of Animals protocols. Core personnel conduct all analyses in the Animal Phenotyping Core.

Visit the Animal Phenotyping Core web site for a list of available services and recharge rates.

Key Personnel

Malcolm Low, PhD., Core Director,, 734-647-1350

Nathan Qi, Ph.D., Laboratory Director,,734-764-7043