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Prevention and Control Division Members

James E. Aikens PhD Depression, self-management, health behavior
Robert M. Anderson Ed.D. Patient education, psychosocial, professional education

Keiko Asao, MD, PhD, MPH

Diabetes, obesity, epidemiology

Steven J. Bernstein, MD Quality of care, Implementation, Quality Improvement
Caroline S. Blaum, MD Diabetes, aging, and disability
Michael L. Boehnke PhD Statistics, genetics, type 2 diabetes
Morton B. Brown PhD Biostatistics, economic modeling, hormone modeling
Annette M. Chang MD Insulin secretion, exercise, aging, beta-cell mass
Lena Chen, MD Hospital Medicine; Quality of Care; Cost of Care
Diane M. Cibrik MD Transplant drug development, gender effect on transplant outcomes
Dan Clauw MD, PhD  
Rachel Davis, PhD Health communication, health behavior, intervention, survey methodology
Stefan S. Fajans MD Genetics of diabetes, subtypes of MODY, type 2 diabetes
James T. Fitzgerald PhD Type 2 diabetes, evaluation, aging
Gary L. Freed MD, MPH Health services research
Martha M. Funnell MS, RN, CDE Education, empowerment, patient-centered care
Roma Y. Gianchandani MBBS Inpatient diabetes management, pump therapy, thyroid disease, osteoporosis, polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS), and pituitary disorders
Mary N. Haan DrPH Diabetes epidemiology, obesity, aging
Jeffrey B. Halter MD Diabetes mellitus in older adults, pathophysiology of age-related changes of glucose metabolism, regulation of autonomic nervous system function in aging and impaired homeostasis
Rodney A. Hayward, MD Diabetes, quality measurement, and improvement.
Mary Ellen M. Heisler MD, MPA Patient chronic disease self-management, patient-provider communication, peer support, health and human rights, behavioral interventions and implementation research
William H. Herman MD, MPH Prevention, epidemiology, complications, clinical economics, and health services research
Timothy P. Hofer MD Measurement & monitoring in complex patients, quality improvement in care for diabetes, lack of precision in clinical measurement, methods for prioritizing interventions in chronic disease
Margaret Holmes-Rovner, PhD Shared deciision making, health services research, regional variation, diabetes
Edward A. Hurvitz MD Obesity in pediatric disability, body composition in disability, fitness in cerebral palsy
Theodore J. Iwashyna, MD, PhD Hospitalization for complications of NIDDK; Sepsis; Organization of Care
Jon A. Jacobson, MD Ultrasound, MRI, imaging
Toby E. Jayaratne PhD Genetic explanations, health behaviors, health disparities
Josephine Z. Kasa-Vubu, MD
Obesity, Puberty, Fertility
Edith C Kieffer, MPH, PhD Diabetes, Pregnancy, Disparities
Eve M. Kerr MD, MPH Quality of care, performance measurement, chronic disease management
Catherine Kim MD, MPH Gestational diabetes, sex hormones, contraception
Sarah L. Krein PhD, RN Chronic care delivery, economic analysis, organizational behavior and implementation research
Kenneth M. Langa MD, PhD Epidemiology, aging, dementia
Robert W. Lash MD Diabetes education, translational research, gestational diabetes, diabetes in pregnancy
Joyce M. Lee MD Pediatric diabetes, pediatric obesity, epidemiology
Pearl G. Lee, MD Diabetes, Functional status, Quality of life
Deborah A. Levine, MD, MPH Stroke, Hypertension, Quality
Julie C. Lumeng PhD Childhood obesity, feeding, eating behavior
Lewis Morgenstern MD Health disparities, stroke epidemiology, intracerebral hemorrhage
David C. Musch PhD Clinical trial design and methods, epidemiology, quality of life assessment
Akinlolu O. Ojo MD, PhD Organ transplantation, chronic kidney disease, hypertension
Elif A. Oral MD Clinical Interests: Insulin resistance, obesity, lipid disorders, type 2 diabetes and type 1 diabetes; Research Interests: Lipodystrophy, obesity, lipid metabolism, physiological roles of leptin, nonalcoholic steatohepatitis
Sung Kyun Park, ScD, MPH Environmental epidemiology; air pollution; gene-environment interaction
Susana R. Patton PhD Young children, feeding behaviors, psychology
John D. Piette PhD Behavior change, care management, adherence
Rodica Pop-Busui Type 1 and type 2 diabetes; diabetes complications, diabetic neuropathy
Caroline R. Richardson MD Physical acitivity, health behavior change, primary care health services research, internet mediated interventions
Amy E. Rothberg, MD, PhD Obesity and metabolic disorders
Aruna V. Sarma PhD, MHA Epidemiology and natural history of benign prostatic hyperplasia, metabolic disturbances and urinary dysfunction
Yolanda R. Smith MD Menopause, cognition, estrogen, polycystic ovary syndrome
MaryFran R. Sowers PhD Epidemiology, neurological decline with aging, obesity and its impact on carbohydrate metabolism
Michael S. Spencer PhD Community health workers, CBPR, health disparities
Joshua D. Stein MD Diabetic retinopathy, ophthalmology, health services research
Meng H. Tan MD Dyslipidemias in diabetes, insulin resistance, thiazolidinediones
Tricia S. Tang PhD Diabetes translational research, medically underserved, community-based interventions
George W. Taylor DMD, DrPH Epidemiology, periodontal disease, clinical research
Anjel Vahratian PhD, MPH Obesity, lipid metabolism, women
Sandeep Vijan MD Chronic disease management, health economics, health policy
Sara L. Warber, MD Tart cherry research; metabolic syndrome
Alan B. Weder MD Genetic epidemiology of hypertension, racial differences in renal tubular function, attitudes and practices related to inpatient hypertension