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Michigan Diabetes Research Center Membership

Steven F. Abcouwer, PhDAssociate Professor, Ophthalmology & Visual SciencesDiabetic Retinopathy; Neurodegeneration; Microglia
James E. Aikens, PhDAssociate Professor, Family Medicinedepression, self-management, health behavior
Anuska V. Andjelkovic-Zochowski, MD, PhDAssociate Professor, PathologyBlood-brain barrier
Tight junction
Vascular inflammation
David A. Antonetti, PhDProfessor, Ophthalmology and Molecular and Integrative PhysiologyDiabetic retinopathy, blood-retinal barrier, tight junctions
Peter Arvan, MD, PhDWilliam K and Delores S Brehm Professor of Type I Diabetes Research, Professor of Internal Medicine, and Director of the Michigan Comprehensive Diabetes Center Internal Medicine, Internal MedicineBeta cell survival
Insulin synthesis
Protein folding
Keiko Asao, MD, PhD, MPHClinical Lecturer, Internal Medicine - MENDDiabetes; obesity; epidemiology
Barbara Atshaves, PhDAssistant Professor Michigan State University, Biochemistry and Molecular BiologyLipid metabolism, lipd droplets, obesity-related diabetes
Richard J. Auchus, MD, PhDProfessor, Director, MEND Fellowship Program, Internal Medicine - MENDCushing’s disease
Steroid biosynthesis
Ernesto Bernal-Mizrachi, MDAssociate Professor, Larry D. Soderquist Professor, Internal MedicineBeta cells biology; Islets; Pancreas development
Markus Bitzer, MDAssistant Professor, Internal Medicine - NephrologyRenal injury, microrna, TGF-beta
Michael Boehnke, PhDRichard G. Cornell Distinguished University Professor of Biostatistics, Biostatisticsstatistics, genetics, type 2 diabetes
Patrice E. Fort, PhDAssistant Professor, Ophthalmology & Visual SciencesRetinal physiology; Regulation of crystallin proteins in the retina
Wenche S. Borgnakke, DDS, MPH, PhDAssistant Research Scientist, School of DentistryOral infections; periodontitis-diabetes associations; clinical trials on effect of periodontal treatment on glycemic control
Raymond E. Bourey, MDInterim Chief, Assistant Professor of Medicine University of Toledo, Internal Medicinesleep, neuromodulation of metabolism, menopause
Steven Britton, MDProfessor of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, and Professor of Molecular and Integrative Physiology, Medical School, Physical Med. & Rehabilitationmetabolism; exercise; animal models
Frank C. Brosius III, MDProfessor of Internal Medicine, Professor of Molecular and Integrative Physiology, Internal Medicine - NephrologyGlucose transport
Diabetic nephropathy
Vascular biology
Morton B. Brown, PhDProfessor Emeritus, BiostatisticsBiostatistics; Economic Modeling; Hormone Modeling
Charles Burant, MD, PhDProfessor, Int Med-Endocr & Metabol, Professor, Molec & Integrative Physiology and Robert C. and Veronica Atkins Professor of Metabolism, Internal MedicineMetabolomics; Beta-cell biology; Systems biology
Julia V. Busik, PhDAssociate Professor Michigan State University, PhysiologyMicrovascular complications, retinopathy, dyslipidemia
Brian Callaghan, MDAssistant Professor, NeurologyDiabetic complications
Metabolic syndrome
Gregory Cartee, PhDProfessor of Kinesiology, Division of Kinesiology, Research Professor, Institute of Gerontology and Professor of Molecular and Integrative Physiology, Kinesiologyexercise physiology; glucose transport; insulin signaling
Christin Carter-Su, PhDProfessor, Molecular & Integrative Physiology, Associate Director and Chief, Biomedical Research Division, Michigan Diabetes Research and Training Center, Molecular & Integrative PhysiologyGH receptors and actions; JAK/Stat signaling; Tyrosine kinase signaling pathways
Munmun Chattopadhyay, PhDResearch Assistant Professor, NeurologyDiabetic neuropathy
Gene therapy
Xuequn Chen, PhDAssistant Professor Wayne State University, PhysiologyQuantitative proteomics; subcellular organelles; ER-Golgi transport of insulin
Vivian G. Cheung, MDFrederick G. L. Huetwell Professor and Professor, Pediatrics & Communicable Diseases, Human GeneticsInsulin response
Human Genetics
Tae-Hwa Chun, MD, PhDAssistant Professor, Internal Medicine - MENDExtracellular Matrix; Matrix Metalloproteinase; Adipose tissue remodeling; Diabetes
Corentin Cras-Meneur, PhDResearch Investigator, Internal Medicine - MENDDevelopmental biology, insulin signaling, diabetes
Robert J. Denver, PhDProfessor of Molecular, Cellular and Developmental Biology, Professor of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, College of LSA and Research Assistant Professor, Reproductive, Mol., Cell & Developmental Biologyneuroendocrinology, thyroid, adrenal
Matthew DiMagno, MDSciences Program Assistant Professor, Internal Medicine - GI & Hepatologyacute pancreatitis chronic pancreatitis pancreatic secretion
Zora Djuric, PhDResearch Professor, Family Medicineobesity prevention, dietary intervention, biomarkers
Cunming Duan, PhDAssociate Chair and Professor of Molecular, Cellular and Developmental Biology, College of Literature, Science, and the Arts, Mol., Cell. & Developmental BiologyHormonal control of growth; IGF; Hypoxia
Vicki L. Ellingrod, PharmDAssociate Professor of Pharmacy, College of Pharmacy and Associate Professor of Psychiatry, College of Pharmacyschizophrenia diabetes folate
Stefan S. Fajans, MDProfessor Emeritus, Internal Medicine - MENDgenetics of diabetes; subtypes of MODY; Type 2 diabetes
Eva L. Feldman, MD, PhDDirector, A. Alfred Taubman Medical Research Institute, Director, Program for Neurology Research & Discovery, Russell N DeJong Professor of Neurology and Professor of Neurology, Neurologydiabetic neuropathy; insulin-like growth factors; neuromuscular diseases
Carrie R. Ferrario, PhDAssistant Professor, PharmacologyIndividual differences in susceptibility to obesity; Brain reward and motivational systems; Behavioral neuropharmacology; Striatal glutamate systems; Electrophysiology
Diane C. Fingar, PhDAssistant Professor of Cell and Developmental Biology Assistant Professor of Internal Medicine, Cell & Developmental BiologyInsulin signaling
Mammalian target of rapamycin (mTOR)
Cell growth and proliferation
Patrice E. Fort, PhDAssistant Professor, Ophthalmology & Visual SciencesRetinal physiology; Regulation of crystallin proteins in the retina
Thomas W. Gardner, MDProfessor, OphthalmologyDiabetic retinopathy;
Insulin receptor signaling;
Retinal cell death
Puneet Garg, MDLecturer, Internal Medicine - NephrologyMolecular biology of Glomeular Slit Diaphragm, Vascular calcification in end stage renal disease, Hypertension
Margaret Gnegy, PhDProfessor, Pharmacologyprotein kinase C-beta;
dopamine transporter;
dopamine neuron
James G. Granneman, PhDProfessor of Psychiatry and Behavioral Neuroscience and Pathology, Director, Center for Integrative Metabolic and Endocrine Research Wayne State University, Internal MedicineAdipose tissue; lipolysis; diabetes
Jeffrey B. Halter, MDProfessor of Internal Medicine, Chief, Division of Geriatric Medicine, Director, Geriatrics Center and Institute of Gerontology, Internal Medicine - GeriatricsDiabetes mellitus in older adults; Pathophysiology of age-related changes of glucose metabolism; Regulation of autonomic nervous system function in aging and impaired homeostasis
Gary D. Hammer, MD, PhDAssociate Professor of Internal Medicine, Associate Professor of Molecular & Integrative Physiology, Millie Schembechler Professor of Adrenal Cancer, Internal Medicine - MENDGlucocorticoids and nuclear receptors. Adrenal gland development. Dysregulated growth of adrenocortical stem/progenitor cells in development and adrenocortical carcinoma.
Rebecca E. Hasson, PhDAssistant Professor, KinesiologyChildhood obesity
Insulin resistance
Racial/ethnic health disparities
William H. Herman, MD, MPHStefan S Fajans/Glaxo Smith H. Kline Professor of Diabetes, Professor of Internal Medicine, Medical School and Professor of Epidemiology, School of Public Health, Internal Medicine - E&Mprevention, epidemiology, complications, clinical economics, and health services research
Jennifer W. Hill, PhDAssistant Professor, University of Toledo, Physiology and PharmacologyHypothalamus, energy homeostasis, fertility
Israel Hodish, MD, PhDAssistant Professor, Internal Medicine - MENDBeta-cell biology; Insulin therapy; Transgenic mice
Jeffrey F. Horowitz, PhDAssociate Professor, KinesiologyObesity Exercise Metabolism
Patrick Hu, MD, PhDAssistant Professor, Internal Medicine - Cell & Developmental Biologyinsulin signaling
FoxO transcription factors
C. elegans
Mayumi Inoue, MD, PhDAssistant Professor, Internal Medicine - MENDinsulin signaling
exocyst complex
vesicle trafficking
Lori L. Isom, PhDDirector, Program in Biomedical Sciences, Professor, Department of Pharmacology, Pharmacologysodium channel
cell adhesion
neuropathic pain
Toby E. Jayaratne, PhDAssistant Research Scientist, HBHE, School of Public Healthgenetic explanations
health behaviors
health disparities
Wunjun Ju, PhDResearch Assistant Professor, Internal Medicine - Nephrologynon-invasive biomarker predition progression of diabetic nephropathy functional analysis of markers that are involved in diabetic nephropathy
Alon Kahana, MD, PhDAssistant Professor, OphthalmologyThyroid hormone signaling
Graves eye disease
IGF1 signaling
Retinoic acid
Alla Karnovsky, PhDResearch Investigator, Center for Computational Medicine & BiologySystems Biology; Bioinformatics; Metabolomics
Josephine Kasa-Vubu, MDAssociate Professor of Pediatrics, Pediatric EndocrinologyObesity, Puberty, Fertility
Robert T. Kennedy, PhDHobart H. Willard Collegiate Professor of Chemistry Professor of Pharmacology, Pharmacology/ChemistryInsulin secretion; Metabolomics; Microfluidics
Tom K. W. Kerppola, PhDInvestigator, HHMI, Professor, Biological Chemistry, HHMI/Biological Chemistrytranscription regulation and chromatin architecture
molecular interactions
live cell imaging
Catherine Kim, MD, MPHAssociate Professor, Internal Medicine - OB/GynWomen
Sex hormones
Ronald J. Koenig, MD, PhDProfessor of Internal Medicine and Director of Medical Scientist Training School, Internal Medicine - MENDPAX8-PPAR gamma fusion protein
thyroid cancer
thyroid hormone
Anjaneyulu Kowluru, PhDProfessor, VA Senior Research Career Scientist, Wayne State University, Pharmaceutical SciencesInsulin secretion
GTP-binding proteins
Islet biology
Renu Kowluru, PhDProfessor, Wayne State University, Ophthalmology/EndocrinologyDiabetic retinopathy;
Oxidative stress;
Matthias Kretzler, MDProfessor of Medicine Computational Medicine & Biology, Internal Medicinesystems biology
diabetic nephropathy
molecular diagnostics
Beata Lecka-Czernik, PhDProfessor, University of Toledo College of Medicine, Orthopaedic SurgeryAntidiabetic therapies; bone marrow adipocytes; bone metabolic diseases
Joyce M. Lee, MD, MPHAssistant Professor, Pediatric EndocrinologyPediatric diabetes
pediatric obesity
Jun Hee Lee, PhDAssistant Professor, Molecular & Integrative PhysiologyAMPK and MTOR signaling pathways;
Insulin resistance and hepatosteatosis upon Sestrin loss and obesity;
Obesity-induced inflammation and liver carcinogenesis
Menq-Jer Lee, PhDAssociate Professor, Wayne State University, PathologySphingolipid
Todd Leff, PhDAssociate Professor, Wayne State University School of Medicine, PathologyDiabetes
Gene expression
Nuclear receptors
Gina Leinninger, PhDAssistant Professor, PhysiologyLateral hypothalamus
Stephen I. Lentz, PhDResearch Assistant Professor, Internal Medicine - MENDcell imaging
diabetic complications
Jun Z. Li, PhDAssistant Professor, Human GeneticsGenetics; Genomics; Statistics
Jiandi Lin, PhDResearch Assistant Professor, Life Sciences Institute Assistant Professor of Cell and Developmental Biology, Cell & Developmental Biologymitochondrial
Ming Liu, PhDAssistant Professor, Internal Medicine - MENDinsulin biosynthesis
David B. Lombard, MD, PhDAssistant Professor, PathologySirtuins
calorie restriction
Malcolm J. Low, MD, PhDProfessor, Molecular & Integrative PhysiologyHypothalamic control of energy homeostasis
Neuropeptide gene expression
Neural circuits underlying food reward
Carey N. Lumeng, MD, PhDAssistant Professor, Pediatricsobesity
insulin resistance
adipose tissue
Julie C. Lumeng, PhDAssociate Professor, Pediatric & Comm Diseases Dept, Research Associate Professor, Center for Human Growth & Dev, Center for Human Growth & Developmentchildhood obesity, feeding, eating behavior
Ormond A. MacDougald, PhDProfessor of Molecular and Integrative Physiology and Professor of Internal Medicine, Molecular & Integrative Physiologyadipogenesis, obesity, metabolism
Benjamin L. Margolis, MDProfessor, Biological Chemistry Department, Professor, Internal Medicine Department, Associate Chair for Basic Research, Internal Medicine, Internal MedicineKidney
Laura R. McCabe, PhDProfessor, Physiology, Michigan State UniversityType 1 diabetes induced osteoporosis; Osmoadaptation/osmotic stress; Diabetes induced bone marrow changes/adiposity
Marcia F. McInerney, PhDDistinguished University Professor, Chair, Medicinal and Biological Chemistry, University of Toledo, Medicinal and Biological ChemistryInnate and adaptive immunity in diabetes; inflammation and cytokines in diabetes; mechanisms of cell movement into the pancreas
Ram Menon, MDProfessor, Pediatrics - Endocrinology, Pediatric EndocrinologyGrowth hormone - IGF1 axis
Pediatric endocrinology
Clinical diabetes mellitus
Dawn P. Misra, PhDAssociate Professor, Obstetrics and Gynecology, Wayne State UniversityPerinatal
Fetal Growth
Suzanne M. Moenter, PhDProfessor, Molecular & Integrative PhysiologyPolycystic ovary syndrome
Neuroendocrine control
Puliyur S. MohanKumar, DVM, PhDAssociate Professor, Michigan State University, Pathobiology & Diagnostic Investigation, Michigan State UniversityNeuroendocrinology of metabolic disorders
Neuroendocrinology of reproduction
Central regulation of cardiovascular function
Prenatal programming
Richard M. Mortensen, MD, PhDProfessor of Molecular and Integrative Physiology, Professor of Internal Medicine and Professor of Pharmacology, Molecular & Integrative Physiologyobesity, cardiovascular disease, immune function
Henry I. Mosberg, MD, PhDTom D. Rowe Professor of Medicinal Chemistry Associate Dean for Research and Graduate Education, Medicinal ChemistryMedicinal chemistry
Martin G. Myers, Jr., MD, PhDMarilyn H Vincent Professor of Diabetes Research, Associate Professor of Internal Medicine and Associate Professor of Molecular and Integrative Physiology, Director MDRTC, Internal Medicine - MENDleptin
energy balance
Sonia M. Najjar, PhDProfessor and Director Center for Diabetes and Endocrine Research, University of Toledo College of Medicine, Physiology and PharmacologyDiabetes and Endocrine research
Richard R. Neubig, MD, PhDProfessor and Chair, Pharmacology & Toxicology, Michigan State UniversityG protein
insulin sensitivity
David P. Olson, MD, PhDAssistant Professor, PediatricsObesity
L. Karl Olson, PhAssociate Professor, Michigan State University, PhysiologyBeta cells, glucose toxicity, insulin gene transcription
Gilbert S. Omenn, MD, PhDProfessor of Molecular Med & Genetics, Int Med, Professor of Human Genetics, Research Prof, Comp Med & Biology, and Professor of Public Health, Internal MedicineBioinformatics, proteomics, cancer prevention
Elif A. Oral, MDAssociate Professor, Internal Medicine - E&MClinical Interests: Insulin resistance, obesity, lipid disorders, type 2 diabetes and type 1 diabetes
Research Interests: Lipodystrophy, obesity, lipid metabolism, physiological roles of leptin, nonalcoholic steatohepatitis
Vasantha Pamanabhan, PhDProfessor, Obstetrics and Gynecology, Professor, Dept. of Pediatrics & Comm Diseases, Professor, Molecular and Integrative Phsyiology, PediatricsPolycystic ovarian syndrome
Insulin resisstance
Developmental programming
Endocrine distruptors
Sandeep V. Pandit, PhDResearch Assistant Professor, Internal Medicine - Cardiologydiabetic cardiac arrhythmias
Narayanan Parameswaran, PhDAssociate Professor, Michigan State University, PhysiologyInflammation
cell signaling
toll-like receptors
metabolic diseases
Joshua J. Park, PhDAssistant Professor, Department of Neurosciences, University of ToledoObesity; neuropeptides; hypothalamus
Sung Kyun Park, MPH, ScDResearch Assistant Professor, Environmental Health SciencesEnvironmental Epidemiology
Metabolic Disease
Gene-Environment Interaction
Subramaniam Pennathur, MDAssistant Professor, Internal Medicine - NephrologyOxidative stress, mass spectrometry, proteomics, systems biology, diabetic complications
Massimo Pietropaolo, MDProfessor Director, Laboratory for Immunogenetics, Internal Medicine - MEND/PediatricsAutoimmune pathogenesis of Type 1 diabetes; Biomarkers of autoimmune diabetes
Genetics of Type 1 diabetes
Scott Pletcher, PhDAssociate Professor, Molecular & Integrative PhysiologyDrosophila melanogaster
Rodica Pop-Busui, MD, PhDAssistant Professor, Internal Medicine - MENDType 1 and type 2 diabetes; diabetes complications, diabetic neuropathy
Donald G. Puro, MD, PhDProfessor of Ophthalmology and Visual Sciences Professor of Molecular and Integrative Physiology, Ophthalmologydiabetic retinopathy
cell physiology
retinal microvasculature
Nathan Qi, MD, PhDResearch Assistant Professor, Internal Medicine - MENDAnimal models
In vivo metabolism
Gavid E. Reid, PhDAssociate Professor, Michigan State University, Chemistry, Biochemistry and Molecular BiologyMass spectrometry, proteomics, lipidomics
Julia E. Richards, PhDHarold F. Falls Professor of Ophthalmology and Visual Sciences, Professor of Epidemiology, Ophthalmology & Visual SciencesGenetics
Molecular Biology
Caroline R. Richardson, MDAssistant Professor Research Scientist, VA HSR&D, Family MedicinePhysical acitivity health behavior change
Primary care health services research
Internet mediated interventions
Diane M. Robins, PhDProfessor, Human Genetics Department, Research Scientist, Reproductive Sciences, Human Geneticsandrogen receptor
liver gene regulation
sex-specific gene expression
Amy E. Rothberg, MD, PhDAssistant Professor, Internal Medicine - MENDObesity
metabolic disorders
Liangyou Rui, PhDAssociate Professor, Molecular & Integrative Physiologydiabetes, obesity, leptin and insulin signaling
Alan R. Saltiel, PhDMary Sue Coleman Director, Life Sciences Institute Professor, Internal Medicine and Molecular and Integrative Physiology, Life Sciences InstituteInsulin action; glucose transport; obesity
Linda C. Samuelson, PhDProfessor, Molecular & Integrative PhysiologyGastric acid secretion, Parietal cell biology, Gastric cancer, Intestinal differentiation
Edwin R. Sanchez, PhDProfessor, Assistant Director, Center for Diabetes & Endocrine Research, University of Toledo, PhysiologyDiabetes, Endocrine Research
Darleen Sandoval, PhDAssistant Professor, SurgeryBrain-gut axis; GLP-1; Glucose metabolism
Leslie S Satin, PhDProfessor, Pharmacologypancreatic islets and islet beta cells
insulin secretion’ oscillations
FRET for protein protein interactions
mathematic modeling
hypothalamic neurons
Santiago Schnell, DphilAssociate Professor, Molecular & Integrative PhysiologyMathematical and computational modeling
Proinsulin synthesis
Endoplasmic reticulum stress
Jessica Schwartz, PhDProfessor of Molecular and Integrative Physiology, and Director of the Cellular and Molecular Biology Program, Molecular & Integrative PhysiologyGrowth hormone action
Regulation of Gene transcription
Signal transduction
Audrey R. Seasholtz, PhDProfessor of Biological Chemistry Research Professor, Molecular and Behavioral Neuroscience Institute, MHRI/Biological Chemistrymineralocorticoid receptors and glucocoricoid receptors
neuroendocrinology of stress;
corticotropin-releasing hormone receptors and binding protein
Randy J. Seeley, PhDProfessor of Surgery and MedicineNeuroendocrinology, gut-brain type 2 diabetes
Yatrick M. Shah, PhDAssistant Professor, Molecular & Integrative PhysiologyHypoxia
James A. Shayman, MDProfessor, Internal Medicine & PharmacologyLysome
Assia Shisheva, PhDProfessor, Wayne State University, PhysiologyMouse models of insulin resistance
Insulin responsiveness in target cells and tissues
Mouse models for metabolic syndrome
Kanakadurga Singer, MDClinical Lecturer, Pediatric EndocrinologyPediatric obesity
Inflammation and Metabolism
Giorgios Skiniotis, PhDAssistant Professor Research Assistant Professor of LSI, Biological Chemistry, Life Sciences InstituteCytokine receptor signaling
Leptin receptor
G protein coupled receptor (GPCR) signaling
Yolanda R. Smith, MDProfessor, Obstetrics & Gynecologymenopause
polycystic ovary syndrome
Scott Soleimanpour, MDAssistant Professor, Internal MedicineBeta cell biology
Islet transplantation
Jason Spence, PHDAssistant Professor, Internal Medicine - GastroenterologyHuman pluripotent stem cells
Endoderm development
Directed differentiation
Edward L. Stuenkel, PhDProfessor, Molecular & Integrative Physiologybeta cell
insulin secretion
Randall S. Sung, MDAssociate Professor, SurgeryIslet transplantation
Pancreas transplantation
Kidney transplantation
Meng H. Tan, MDClinical Professor of Medicine, Internal Medicine - MENDdyslipidemias in diabetes
insulin resistance
Debra A. Thompson, PhDProfessor, Ophthalmology / Biological ChemistryRetina
Signal transduction
Retinal pigment epithelium
Robert C. Thompson, PhDResearch Associate Professor, Psychiatry, Molecular & Behavioral Neuroscience InstitutemicroRNA, stress, feeding
Raymond C. Trievel, PhDAssociate Professor, Biological ChemistryChromatin modification
transcriptional regulation
enzyme structure and function
Michael D. Uhler, PhDProfessor of Biological Chemistry and Research Professor, Molecular and Behavioral Neuroscience Institute, Biological Chemistry / MHRIProtein phosphorylation
cyclic nucleotides
neuronal function
Kristen J Verhey, PhDAssociate Professor, Cell & Developmental BiologyCytoskeleton
Membrane Trafficking
Anne B. Vojtek, PhDAssociate Professor, Biological Chemistrysignaling, cell growth, neural differentiation
Lois S. Weisman, PhDProfessor, Life Sciences InstituteDiabetes
phosphatidylinositol 3,5 bis phosphate
Stephen J. Weiss, MDChief, Molecular Medicine & Genetics, Professor, Int Med-Molecular Med&Genetics, Research Professor, Life Sciences Institute, Upjohn Professor of Medicine and, Internal Medicine - MMG/LSIadipocytes
adipose tissue
extracellular matrix
Deneen M. Wellik, PhDOncology, Associate Professor, Internal Medicine - Molecular Medicine & GeneticsHox developmental genetics
Urogenital development
Pancreatic and Gut Development
Margaret V. Westfall, PhDAssociate Professor, Surgery - Cardiac Section, Molecular & Integrative PhysiologySarcomere
heart failure
John A. Williams, MD, PhDProfessor, Internal Medicine - Molecular & Integrative Physiologyexocrine pancreas
cell signaling
James S. Wrobel, DPM, MSAssociate Professor, Internal MedicineDiabetic foot
Health services research
Jun Wu, P.DResearch Assistant Professor, Life Sciences Institute and Assistant Professor of Molecular and Integrative PhysiologyObesity
Beige fat
Brown fat
Bin Xu, PhDResearch Assistant Professor, Internal Medicine - MENDCoactivator
Nuclear Receptor
Wen Ye, PhDResearch Assistant Professor, BiostatisticsBiostatistics
Longitudinal data analysis
Survival data analysis
Zhengping Yi, PhDAssociate Professor, Wayne State University, Pharmaceutical SciencesInsulin resistance and type 2 diabetes
Mass spectrometry and proteomics
Signal transduction
Protein phosphorylation
Protein-protein interactions
Lei Yin, MD, PhDAssistant Professor, Molecular & Integrative PhysiologyCircadian rhythm
David Zacks, MD, PhDAssociate Professor, Ophthalmology & Visual SciencesDiabetic retinopathy
Kezhong Zhang, PhDAssistant Professor,Wayne State University, Immunology and MicrobiologyLipid metabolism
ER stress
Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease
Ren Zhang, PhDAssistant Professor, Wayne State University School of Medicine, Center for Molecular Medicine and GeneticsDiabetes; Leptin; Lipasin
Jon-Kar Zubieta, MD, PhDProfessor, Psychiatry/MBNI/RadiologyMotivational mechanisms
Decision making


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