The Michigan Data Collaborative (MDC) is a data collection, enrichment, and provisioning group at the University of Michigan, supporting care delivery transformation initiatives throughout the state of Michigan.

MiPCT with MDC Reporting

Michigan Primary Care Transformation (MiPCT) is a three-year, multi-payer project aimed at improving health in the state, making care more affordable, and strengthening the patient-care team relationship.

MDC is providing online, dynamic dashboards and reports for Physician Organizations (POs) throughout the project. These dashboards and reports are designed for participating providers to enhance analysis of multi-payer claims data, enable actionable care plans, and monitor and improve quality measures. Three core areas of concentration are: membership/populations, quality of care, and utilization.

NOTE: The dashboards and reports are currently being designed and built. This feature is not yet available.

What's New!

May 29 - MiPCT Medicaid patient attribution lists sent

A file of Medicaid managed care patients who are attributed to their MiPCT-participating practice units for May 2012 ...

May 7th - Looking for MiPCT PO "Authorizers"

To assist us with validating user account requests, we will ask each PO to designate 2 people ...

April 23rd - MiPCT Medicare and Medicaid Attribution Lists Sent.

The Michigan Data Collaborative sent each PO their attribution lists for Medicare and Medicaid patients. You should have received ...

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