SVM Shared Decision Making Tool

SVM logoMCORRP and the Society of Vascular Medicine (SVM) have joined forces to develop an online/mobile device-based tool which will aid practitioners and patients in making well-informed decisions about appropriate anticoagulation for stroke prevention in AF. In particular, this tool will highlight the advantages of individual anticoagulant agents based on patient and provider preferences, e.g. avoidance of intracranial hemorrhage risk, once vs twice daily dosing, propensity for renal dysfunction. By making this tool available online we envision easy accessibility for providers in a large variety of clinical settings. Additionally, by leveraging the clinical expertise and large member network of the SVM, we expect widespread exposure to this tool for clinical utility.

Our study design included patient and physician focus groups which was extremely beneficial and informative. The on-line decision tool is available for public use for the patient and provider. We believe that implementation of this tool will contribute to increased awareness, improved education and increased use of appropriate anticoagulant therapy in appropriate patients.

MCORRP and SVM are excited to collaborate on this project to leverage the expertise of MCORRP in registry design and implementation of shared decision making tools as well as the clinical expertise and distribution network of SVM.

Eva Kline Rogers, RN NP

Tina Alexandris-Souphis, RN


Geoffrey Barnes, MD