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Criteria: Supplies stored in the main warehouse are designated as official inventory and have been approved via inventory processes to be managed by Materiel Services.  If you have supplies that you would like considered, please submit the New Product Request Review form.  These supplies must be coordinated with an Approved Product List and require approval by the manager.  The criteria to add an item, includes deletion of another item, monetary savings, reduced length of stay or improved quality of patient care.  Preference items are not added.  The frequency of usage and fill rates from the manufacturers is also considered.
How to get: Supplies with an assigned stock number can be requested by calling the Material Service Center at 6-6077 or fax 936-4029.  If the item is a STAT, please inform the Customer Service Representative and we will deliver or tube it within 15 minutes. All other supplemental orders will be delivered within approximately one hour.  If you consistently request items through the MSC, utilizing a Custom Requisition may suit your needs better.  If you require excessive amounts of supplies, your request may be filled the next day.  Due to limited space, we can only keep a 3 day supply in the warehouse.  Requesting an excessive amount may result in other customers not being able to obtain a product in an emergency.  If you are experiencing an emergency and absolutely need a stock item, the MSC can identify other areas which have requested the product and we will make every attempt to obtain that product from them and provide one for you in an emergency.

PAR Carts: If your area has supplies that are replenished by Materiel Services, commonly known as PAR Level Services, it is our responsibility to replenish your carts based on the frequency of need.  We have an established schedule for each area posted in your clean rooms.  The amount of supplies kept in these rooms is based upon historical usage.  Sometimes, clinical practice changes drive the need for different supplies, more or less of some supplies or new supplies may be required on the carts.  


DO NOT remove, move or decrease PAR levels without 1st asking MSC if it is OK and they have time to help with your rebuild.


If you want to make any PAR changes, email: MS-PAR-REQ-Changes


Somebody from that team will send you the form to submit to make changes to your PAR carts or arrange a time to meet to review the project with you. 


If you have concerns regarding PAR Level Services please contact Warehouse Manager Derek Huntman, or Warehouse Supervisor Abe Bustillo.


Supplements: Supplies that have a stock number assigned can be requested by calling the Material Service Center at 6-6077 or fax 936-4029.  These requests are intended to supplement your supply needs until your next restock from PAR Level Services. When calling requesting supplemental orders, please provide stock number, unit, quantity, Department I.D., location, phone number and ordering person's name to the requested area.  All non-PAR supplements will be delivered to the clerk's desk unless you specifically indicate what patient the supplies are for in which case we will deliver them to the patient room.  These requested supplies have no location in the clean rooms and there is no space on the carts.  Please do not place these supplies in the clean room.  It is a fire code violation to place supplies on the floor, whether in the clean rooms or patient rooms.  Supplies will be removed from the shipping cartons by Materiel Services staff and placed in the appropriate location if they are items normally PAR stocked.  Please contact the MSC Supervisor at pager #2574 to discuss concerns regarding the supplemental process or PAR stocking concerns.


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