Tamara L. Gay, MD
Assistant Dean for
Student Services
You are on a remarkable journey on the path to becoming a physician and/or scientist. The path will be a little bit different for each of you. It will be filled with many unique surprises, unexpected rewards, and some unavoidable challenges. It is completely normal to feel anxious or even depressed at times, especially given the many other important things going on in your life in addition to school.

Our goal in the Office of Medical Student Education is to help you have the best journey possible. We are here to help you manage the stresses and challenges you may face. Whether the challenges are big or small, we would like to help. This website contains resources that we hope you will take full advantage of while you are at the University of Michigan Medical School. Please let us know how we can best serve you!


For comments, suggestions, ideas, complaints please email
Amy W. Tschirhart at awtsch@umich.edu.

  I choose to be respectful and considerate, especially to myself.

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