The SecondLookTM mobile application for the iPad is a study aid that provides a series of histology slides for users to self-test their level of knowledge and ability to recognize histological structures. The slides in the Michigan eHistology SecondLookTM application feature high quality images from the University of Michigan Medical School's Histology and Virtual Microscopy collection. The SecondLookTM application is free to download and comes with one slide deck. Additional slide decks can be purchased separately or as a set, and cover all major human tissues and organs. By taking a "Second Look" at these slides, users are able to review, self-evaluate, and test their knowledge of histology in order to be better prepared for exams.

Here's what University of Michigan Medical and Dental Students said about the Second Look concept:

"The Second Look (files) have been a godsend. They do a great job of both teaching and quizzing you on the relevant material. Once I complete the Second Look, I know I'm ready to quiz."

"The Second Look was a fantastic review for the exam, for both structure and function. I actually went over the Second Look (files) twice - once immediately after doing the lecture and lab to help reinforce what I learned, and then again before the exam as a review."

"The Second Look files are phenomenal and were an excellent way to test my knowledge after I had studied a bit."

The SecondLookTM application is available for free download and includes one slide deck, connective tissue histology. Additional slide decks can be purchased from within the app for $0.99/deck or the entire set for $24.99.

NOTE: Downloading the entire collection of slide sets can take up to 30 minutes depending upon the speed of the Internet connection. Downloading slide sets is best achieved when the tablet is connected to a stable and fast Internet - connection. If the transfer of a slide set is interrupted the application will restart downloading the interrupted download when the application is re-opened.

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Content Updates:
Already purchased slide sets may be updated with revised content from time to time. The histology app will display a prompt if updates are available for download. Tapping "Update" will cause the slide decks to be updated.
screen1The slides in the eHistology SecondLookTM application include high quality images from the University of Michigan Medical School's Histology and Virtual Microscopy collection.
screen2The slides also include detailed medical illustrations that test important histological concepts.
homescreen.jpgHome screen.
purchasepopover.jpgThe Michigan eHistology SecondLookTM series consists of 27 slide decks, which can be purchased separately or as a set and which cover all major human tissues and organs.
slidesetlaunch.jpgUsers have the option of reviewing the slides in either random or sequential order.

Medical, dental, nursing, and other health sciences students, and lab professionals. This application was designed with learners in mind, who want to self-evaluate and review their knowledge of human histology in preparation for quizzes or exams.

iPad 2 or later, iOS version 6.0 or higher

Additional SecondLookTM slide decks can be purchased for $0.99 each or $24.99 to obtain the entire Michigan eHistology series of 27 sets. All proceeds go to the University of Michigan.

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