Cardiovascular History Roadmap - Syncope Composite

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About the Syncope Road Maps

The Syncope Roadmaps will begin from the same starting point. There will be four destinations (probable causes) which will be known by you at the beginning of the journey.

The routes have been arbitrarily determined by the expert who begins by quickly providing background information from the past history, social history, and family history. The terrain through which you then travel is also arbitrary. It includes: timing, setting, event onset, event recovery, and other spells.

Displayed are the four syncope roadmaps in a single composite. These four disorders comprise over 90% of all causes of syncope in clinical practice. Similarities and differences are represented graphically.

Obtaining background information from the medical record or history questionnaire, should always precede talking directly to the patient. This information is always vital.

Dr. Winston uses the same approach with each patient. He begins with timing and setting, and he then goes over the event (or a typical event) second by second. Finally he reviews other "spells". These are often milder and presyncopal in character, but no less important.

As you develop your own approach to the patient with syncope you may feel comfortable varying this sequence. For example you might begin by reviewing a syncopal event in detail.

The sequence is not mandatory as long as your history includes all six elements:

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