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Clerkship Education (Years Three and Four)
Clinical clerkships and electives include both inpatient and outpatient experiences. Throughout the third and fourth years students assume increasing responsibility for patient care under faculty supervision. During the clinical experiences, students are expected to identify relevant literature related to their patients and to discuss aspects of epidemiology, pathogenesis, pathophysiology, and relevant social and behavioral issues, in addition to evaluation and treatment. Weekly Seminars in Medicine (third year) provide learning in more complex clinical contexts that cross disciplines and advance knowledge.

M3 Year
Core Clinical Clerkships
52.6 Weeks - May through April
weeks experience
0.6 M3 Orientation
(Includes Basic Life Support, simulated procedures, information systems training, etc...)
Feedback on Clinical Skills Seminars in Medicine Medical Decision-Making / Evidence-Based Medicine FCE/LC Professionalism Small Groups
12 Internal Medicine*
6 Obstetrics & Gynecology*
6 Psychiatry
8 Surgery*
3 Winter Break
4 Family Medicine
4 Neurology
8 Pediatrics
1 Vacation

*Included in the weeks of instruction are 3 Standardized Patient Exercises

This is a sample of one student's schedule. Clerkship order will vary by student.
M4 Year
Advanced Clinical Experiences
48 Weeks^ - May through April
weeks experience
4 Advanced Medical Therapeutics
(online course)
Career Development USMLE Step 2 CK and CS Exams
20 Electives (Research or Clinical)
4 Emergency Medicine Clerkship*
4 Subinternship/ICU Experience
8 Residency Interviewing Time
4 Subinternship Experience
4 Vacation

*Included in the weeks of instruction is 1 Standardized Patient Exercise

^Included in the weeks of istruction is the M4 Comprehensive Clinical Assessment.

updated July 31, 2012