Interpretive Projects


Midway through their first year, students create an interpretative project. Working in groups of 2-3, thus representing 2-3 different families, the students find common themes in the great variety of stories they’ve heard. From these stories, they design and create a project using any medium they wish that illustrates their understanding of the patient’s experience of illness and medical care.

Over the years, the students have produced a tremendous collection of original artwork of great depth and beauty—from sculpture, paintings, and children’s books, to multimedia presentations, original songs, poetry, and dance. Selected projects are presented at an annual reception where patient-volunteers and families gather with students and faculty.

Numerous projects have been published as cover art in Academic Medicine or featured at national and international meetings or talks.

Media Gallery

1. Not the Story Audio
2. Web of Support
3. The Face of Illness
4. Nguyen’s “To Live” Video (6:42)
5. Lullaby Video (4:33)
6. Reflections
7. Enough Time
8. The Face behind the Illness
9. Portrait of Diabetes Video (1:19)
10. Holding On
11. Blurred Boundaries
12. “Keeping it Together” Quilt
13. Al-Rajaa
14. Kaleidoscopia’s Mr. E
15. A poem: "It Turned Everything Upside Down" Video (3:30)
16. I Feel Like I'm More Video (4:04)
17. Portrait of a Chronic Illness