How to Apply

If you are interested in volunteering as an FCE mentor, please complete the FCE volunteer application form. In addition, please print, sign and mail the Informed Consent form. Below is a time line for becoming an FCE Volunteer.

Timeline for becoming a FCE Volunteer:

Complete and submit the FCE application.
• Application Form (Online Version)
• Application Form (Download and Print)


Complete and submit the FCE Informed Consent.
• Informed Consent (Download and Print).

Wait to be contacted by the FCE staff.
Timeline for FCE Staff:
FCE reviews application to determine if there is a match
FCE contacts you for a follow-up telephone interview
If you are accepted into the program, you will meet the two first-year medical school students assigned to you and your family at a special reception
You and your students will determine the times and places you will meet during the following two years
Evaluate students and share with FCE; determine if you would like to continue to volunteer for another two-year mentorship

A note about confidentiality: If you are a patient at the U-M Health System, the FCE office may, with your permission, review your medical records to determine suitability for the program. Your records will not be shared with students. Confidential information will remain anonymous.