North, South and West Lecture Hall Instructions

Displaying a Computer

Projecting the Room PC or Macintosh

  1. Touch the Control Panel screen to wake it up. Push the Presentation icon at the top of the screen.
  2. Push the PC or Mac button at the top left, then push the respective PC or Mac button under Keyboard selection at the bottom. The PC or Mac image should appear on the left lectern monitor (you may have to press a key to wake up the computer).
  3. Push the red Send to Projector button at the bottom. The projector will begin to turn on, and the image should appear in about 30 seconds.

Projecting a Laptop

  1. Find a VGA or HDMI cable in the recessed well on top of the lectern, and plug it in to the respective port on the laptop. Note the number on the cable (001 or 002), and push the respective button on the Control Panel.
  2. If laptop audio is desired, find the nearby audio cable with the same number, and plug it in to the headphone jack of the laptop (see audio section below).

NOTE:  To transfer files from a flash drive (thumb drive, memory stick), insert it into the USB port under the left portion of the lectern (labeled PC/Mac USB). The computer selected under Keyboard selection (above) will receive the device.

Audio Control

To control microphone volume, press the Up and Down arrows under Voice Volume on the right of the control panel.

To control computer audio, press the arrows under Program Volume.

Displaying a DVD/Blue-ray

DVDs may be played on either the PC or Mac computer. The computers are located near the top of the equipment rack in the closet behind the lectern. The DVD discs may be inserted into either computer and played using the ________. Project the respective computer as described above

Please Turn Off Projector After Use



Lighting controls are on the wall between the equipment rack and the lectern. Pushing the numbered buttons produces the following lighting conditions:

#1  Normal
#2  Normal with markerboard lights off
#3  Markerboard and stage lights off  (good for projection)
#4 - #8  Lights over audience get progressively dimmer