Danto Auditorium

  1. If it is blank, touch the control panel to wake it up. Touch the screen again to begin.
  2. On the Select-A-Mode screen that appears, touch the Presentation button. The system will start up (about 45 sec.). If you want to display the lectern PC, press Lectern PC. A small image of the pc screen will appear on the control panel (touch this image to enlarge to full screen, touch again to return to the control panel). The PC image should also be displaying on the big screen.
  3. If you would like to display a laptop, connect one of the VGA cables from the well on the top left of the lectern, labeled either Laptop 1 or Laptop 2. Turn on the laptop. Push the corresponding button - Laptop 1 or 2.*  If laptop audio is desired, plug the thin cable attached to the VGA cable into the headphone jack of the laptop.

To control microphone volume, press the Voice up or down arrows. To control computer volume, press Video up or down arrows.

When finished, push the Power Off button on the Control Panel.

* Note: If the projector lamp is on and you don’t see the laptop image projecting, a PC laptop may need to have its video toggled to its output port in order to project. To do this, find the Function key with a blue label that says “CRT/LCD” or a blue icon of a monitor (often F5 or F8). While holding down the blue FCN key at the bottom left of the keyboard, pushing the F key repeatedly toggles through the three image modes: image only on laptop screen, image only on projector, and image on both (this is preferred).