Buhl 5915 Instructions

Displaying a Computer

Projecting a Laptop

  1. Lower the screen, if not already down (switch is on the wall to the left of the screen).
  2. Find the black VGA cable inside the top of the lectern and plug it in to the laptop. Turn on the computer.
  3. On the Control Panel on the wall to your right, push the VGA button. The projector will begin to turn on, and display the computer image in about 45 seconds, or after the laptop boots up.*
  4. If computer audio is desired, plug the small connector attached to the VGA cable into the headphone jack on the laptop. Control the volume using the Volume knob on the control panel.

If the image on the screen does not appear correctly, push the Auto Image button once on the control panel, and also try Aspect, which toggles through different image shapes.


If a microphone is desired, you can use either the gooseneck mic on top of the lectern, or the wireless lapel mic, found in the black case inside the top of lectern. Control the mic volume using the Mic up and down buttons on the control panel.

* If you don’t see an image after the projector and laptop are on, PC laptops may need to have their video toggled to their output port. To do this, find the Function key with a blue label that says “CRT/LCD” or an icon of a monitor. While holding down the blue FCN key at the bottom left of the keyboard, pushing the Function key sequentially toggles through the three image modes: image only on laptop screen, image only on projector, and image on both (this is preferred).



Please Turn Off Projector After Use


Lighting controls are on the wall between the equipment rack and the lectern. Pushing the numbered buttons produces the following lighting conditions:

#1  Normal  (entry)
#2  Lights full with markerboard lights
#3  Stage and markerboard lights off (good for projection)
#4 - #8  Lights over audience get progressively dimmer