BSRB Seminar Rooms

Touch the screen of the touch panel to wake it up, if it is blank. The touch panel is the screen on the right side of the lectern.

Computer Projection:

Turn on the projector by touching the ‘Touch Screen to Begin’ touch screen followed by pressing ‘Projector Power On’ in the popup that asks if you’re sure you want to turn the projector on. The screen will lower at this time (make sure nothing is in its way).

When the projector warm-up image has counted down, press the ‘Lectern PCs’ button on the left of the touch screen, if not already pressed.

Lectern Computer

To display the lectern computer, press the ‘Lectern Computer’ button in the center window. The lectern pc is located in the bottom-left cabinet of the lectern. If it is not already on, press the round button in the center (it may be blinking green if it is asleep). Pull out the keyboard shelf to find the keyboard and mouse. The login name is Just_Hit_Enter, there is no password. Flash/thumb/jump drives may be inserted in the USB ports on the front of the computer, or a CD/DVD disc inserted.

Laptop Computer

To display a laptop computer, press the Lectern Laptop button. Connect the gray VGA cable (labeled ‘Laptop’) to the output port of the laptop. If laptop audio playback is desired, plug in the small cable (labeled ‘Laptop Audio’) into the headphone jack of the laptop.

DVD Projection

To display a DVD, insert the disk in the lectern computer. The Power DVD interface should open automatically (if not, open it by going to Start/Programs/PowerDVD). Push the Pause/Play button at the bottom of the screen to begin playing. Push the green arrow in the bottom left to go to the player menu. Adjust the volume using the video slider on the touch screen.

Note: If no sound is heard: 1) Under Sources on the left of the touch screen, push a source other than Lectern PCs, then push Lectern PCs again to restore the connection; or 2) On the desktop of the lectern pc, click on the speaker in the lower right to make sure the pc volume is turned up and not muted.

When Finished, turn off System Power: Push Projector Off button on the right of the touch screen, then ‘Power Off’ on the ‘Are You Sure’ window. (The screen will raise. Screens may be controlled individually using the buttons on the side walls over the counters.)


You may adjust audio levels using the arrow buttons and sliders at the bottom of the screen.  The speaker icon between the arrows allows you to mute or un-mute the audio.  The volume controls are at the bottom of all screens and will allow adjustment of the voice level without turning on the projector.

Audio Details
There are two audio systems in the room. The Voice audio is the audio from the microphone.  Use these arrow buttons and slider to adjust the volume of someone speaking into the microphone attached to the podium.  It will also adjust any additional microphones that you may have arranged for delivery by ETS.  Use caution – the volume may be adjusted loud enough that feedback is created.  Generally the danger area is the point where the slider turns yellow and red as the volume is increased.  If you need to get the attention of the audience, speak loudly close to the microphone. Do not increase the volume level for this purpose.

The second audio system is the Video audio system, which is the audio from the source being projected (computer, VCR, etc.).  Use the Video audio slider to adjust this volume.


You may adjust lighting by pressing the ‘Lights’ button at bottom left of the screen.  This button appears on most screens so that you may adjust the lighting in most operation modes.  You may also adjust the light level using the numbered preset buttons by the door to the room.  The toggle switch by the door to the room controls the light over the counter.

Select the light level you would like:

Light Preset Number

Lighting Level


Fluorescent lights (brightest)


Dim lights for projection





Press the “Previous Page” button at the bottom left to return to the controls you were using before adjusting light levels.