Review Items - Perineum & External Genitalia

Osteology: (N 486, TG3-04)
Ischial tuberosity
Ischial spine
Ligaments: (N 353, 503, TG6-06, TG3-28)
Sacrotuberal ligament
Sacrospinal ligament
Greater sciatic foramen
Lesser sciatic foramen

A. External anal sphincter (N 390, 392, 393, 394, TG6-15, TG6-27)
Obturator internus m. & fascia (B. pudendal canal) (N 358, 360, 379, TG6-21, TG6-21, TG3-28)
C. Ischiocavernosus m. (N 379, 382, TG6-27A, TG6-27B)
D. Bulbospongiosus m. (N 379, 382, TG6-27A, TG6-27B)
E. Sphincter urethrae m. (N 379, 382, 385, TG6-28A, TG6-28B)
Vessels & nerves:
F. Pudendal n. & internal pudendal a. & v. (N 404, 405, TG6-28A, TG6-28B, TG6-29A, TG6-29B, TG6-30A, TG6-30B)
G. Inferior rectal a., v. & n.
H. Perineal a., v. & n.
    I. Posterior labial/scrotal a., v. & n.
J. Deep a. of clitoris/penis (N404 , 405, TG6-29A, TG6-29B, TG6-30A, TG6-30B)
K. Dorsal a. & n. of clitoris/penis (N 404, 405, TG6-29A, TG6-29B, TG6-30A, TG6-30B)
L. Deep dorsal v. of clitoris/penis (N 265, 359, 381, 405, TG6-31B, TG6-32B)
Erectile bodies: (N 379, 382, 418, TG6-27A, TG6-27B)
M. Corpus cavernosum clitoridis/penis
N. Crus
O. Corpus spongiosum
P. Vestibular bulb/Bulb of penis
Glans clitoridis/penis
Root and shaft of the clitoris/penis
Q. Tunica albuginea (N 384, TG6-32B)
R. Deep clitoral/penile fascia (N 390, TG6-32B)
Urethra: (N 388, TG6-09A, TG6-09B)
Prostatic urethra
Membranous urethra
Spongy/penile urethra
Ischioanal fossa (N 379, TG6-26A, TG6-26B)
S. Perineal body (female) (N 379, 382, TG6-26A, TG6-26B) or central tendinous point (male)
T. Greater vestibular gland (N 379, TG6-27A)
U. Perineal membrane (N 379, 381, TG6-27A, TG6-27B)
V. Arcuate pubic ligament (N 357, 383, TG6-24A, TG6-24B)
Lymphatics of the pelvis and perineum (N 257, 387, TG6-33, TG6-34)
Clinical Terms:
Pudendal nerve block
Urethral catheterization
Ischioanal abscess