Review Items - Pelvic Neurovasculature

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Obturator foramen, groove, and canal (N486, N352, N358, TG3-05, TG3-04, TG6-22)
Greater and lesser sciatic notch (foramina) (N486, N353, N503, TG3-04, TG3-28, TG6-06)
Ischial spine and tuberosity (N486, TG3-04)
Sacroiliac joint (N248, N365, TG5-03, TG6-06)
Anterior (pelvic) sacral foramina (N157, TG6-04)
Sacrotuberal & sacrospinal (N352, N503, TG3-28, TG6-06)
Obturator membrane (N351, TG6-03)
Piriformis m. (N367, N369, 503, TG6-21A, TG6-21B)
Obturator internus m. (N367, N369, N503, TG3-28, TG6-21A, TG6-21B)
Arcus tendineus levatoris ani (N367, N369, TG6-21A, TG6-21B)
Pelvic diaphragm (N367, N368, N369, N370, TG6-21A, TG6-21B, TG6-23A, TG6-23B)
Coccygeus m.
Levator ani m.
     Puborectalis m.
Urogenital hiatus
Sacral plexus (N412, N497, N499, TG3-25, TG6-18)
Lumbosacral trunk
Ventral rami of S1 to S4
Superior hypogastric plexus (N409, TG5-39)
Hypogastric nn. (N409, TG5-39)
Sacral sympathetic trunk (N410, N412, TG6-18, TG6-19)
     Gray rami communicantes
     Sacral splanchnic nn.
Parasympathetic (N410, N412, TG6-18, TG6-19)
Pelvic splanchnic nn.
Autonomic (sympathetic and parasympathetic) (N410, N412, TG6-18, TG6-19)
Inferior hypogastric (pelvic) plexus
Innervation of pelvic viscera (N410, N412, N415, N416, N417, TG6-18, TG6-19)
Urinary bladder
Rectum & anal canal
Common iliac a. & v. (N264, TG5-34)
External iliac a. & v. (N264, TG5-34)
     Inferior epigastric (N253, N255, TG5-07)
     Aberrant obturator aa.
Internal iliac a. & v. (N264, N402, N403, TG5-34, TG6-17A, TG6-17B)
     Posterior division branches (N402,N403, TG6-17A, TG6-17B)
          Iliolumbar a. (N264, N402, N403, TG5-34, TG6-17A, TG6-17B)
          Lateral sacral a. (N264, TG5-34, N402, N403, TG6-17A, TG6-17B)
          Superior gluteal a. (N502, N402, N403, TG3-29, TG6-17A, TG6-17B)
     Anterior division branches (N402, N403, TG6-17A, TG6-17B)
          Umbilical a. (N402, N403, TG6-17A, TG6-17B)
               Superior vesical aa. (N402, N403, TG6-17A, TG6-17B)
               Medial umbilical ligament (obliterated umbilical a.) (N253, N362, TG5-07, TG6-07, TG6-13)
          Obturator a. (N402, N487, TG3-54, TG6-17)
          Uterine a. (N402, N404, TG6-17)
          Vaginal a. (N402, N404, TG6-17)
          Middle rectal a. (N402, N403, N398, TG6-17A, TG6-17B)
          Inferior gluteal a. (484, N402, N403, TG6-17A, TG6-17B)
          Internal pudendal a. (N402, N403, N404, N405, TG6-17A, TG6-17B, TG6-29)
Clinical Terms:
Urinary stress incontinence
Iatrogenic injury to ureters
Kegel exercises