Lab Video - Pelvis & Pelvic Viscera

Play selected steps of the dissection. Choose reduced size for slower connections.
Full length video 720x528 480x320
1. Review the bony landmarks. Examine the peritoneal relationships in the pelvis. 720x528 480x352
2. Examine the external genitalia of both sexes. 720x528 480x352
3. Make a midsagittal section of the pelvis of the cadaver, removing the right pelvis and lower limb at the 4th lumbar vertebra. 720x528 480x352
4. Examine the internal features of the rectum. 720x528 480x352
5. Identify the structures of the anal canal. 720x528 480x352
6. Remove the peritoneal covering of the bladder and examine. 720x528 480x352
7. Examine the female genital tract, remove the peritoneum overlying the ovarian vessels. 720x528 480x352
8. Examine the male genital tract, remove endopelvic fascia surrounding seminal vesicles. 720x528 480x352
9. Identify the structures of the testis, epididymis, and spermatic cord. 720x528 480x352