Review Items - Pelvic Viscera

Female: Male:
A. Vesicouterine pouch (N360 or TG6-08)
B. Rectouterine pouch (N360, TG6-08)
C. Suspensory ligament of ovary (N371, N400, TG6-11, TG6-12)
Broad ligament (N371, TG6-08, TG6-11, TG6-12)
     D. Mesovarium
     E. Mesometrium
     F. Mesosalpinx
G. Ovarian ligament
H. Ovarian artery and vein
Uterine tube (N371, TG6-08, TG6-11, TG6-12)
I. Fimbriae
J. Infundibulum
K. Ampulla
L. Isthmus
Uterus (N371TG6-08, TG6-11, TG6-12)
M. Round ligament (N362 or TG6-07, TG6-13, N369)
Fundus (N371, TG6-11, TG6-12)
Body (N371, TG6-11, TG6-12)
Isthmus (N371, TG6-11, TG6-12)
Cervix (N371, TG6-11, TG6-12)
Uterine lumen (cavity) (N371, TG6-08, TG6-12)
Ostium (N371, TG6-08, TG6-12)
Cervical canal (N371, TG6-08, TG6-12)
N. Uterine artery & vein (N400, 402,404, TG6-11, TG6-17)
Vagina (N370,TG6-08, TG6-11)
Fornices (N361 or TG6-08,  N371)
Urethra (NN366 or TG6-10, N378 or TG6-10)
Membranous urethra
O. Sphincter urethrae m.
Rectovesical pouch (N361 or TG6-31)
Tunica vaginalis (N387 or TG6-31, N390)
     P. Parietal layer
     Q. Visceral layer
Testis (N390, TG5-10, TG6-31, TG6-32)
Convoluted seminiferous tubules
R. Tunica albuginea
S. Epididymis
Spermatic cord (N387 or TG6-31)
T. Testicular artery
Pampiniform plexus of veins
U. Ductus deferens (N361 or TG6-31, N384 or TG6-10,N387 or TG6-31)
     V. Ampulla (N384 or TG6-10)
W. Seminal vesicle (N384 or TG6-10)
Ejaculatory duct (N384 or TG6-10)
Prostate (N384 or TG6-10)
Prostatic urethra
     X. Urethral crest
     Prostatic sinus
     Colliculus seminalis
Puboprostatic ligament (N365 or TG6-09)
Urethra (N385)
Prostatic urethra
Y. Membranous urethra
O. Sphincter urethrae m. (N361 or TG6-08,NN366 or TG6-10,N385)
Spongy (penile) urethra
Pubic symphysis (N248 or TG5-03)
Pubic arch (subpubic angle) (N248 or TG5-03)
Ischiopubic ramus (inferior ramus of the pubis + ramus of the ischium) (N486 or TG3-04 and TG3-04)
Ischial tuberosity (N486 or TG3-04 and TG3-04)
Coccyx (N248 or TG5-03)
Perineum: (N380 or TG6-25)
Anal triangle
Urogenital triangle
Genitalia (female): (N377 or TG6-25)
Mons pubis
Labia majora
AA. Anterior commissure
BB. Posterior commissure
CC. Labia minora
DD. Frenulum
EE. Glans
FF. Prepuce
GG. Frenulum
HH. External urethral meatus
Vaginal orifice
Genitalia (male): (N382)
AA. Glans
BB. Prepuce (N398)
CC. Corona
DD. Frenulum
External urethral meatus
Body (N351 or TG6-02)
     EE. Dorsum
Scrotum (N387 or TG6-31,N390)
Scrotal raphe/septum
Urinary bladder:
II. Urachus (median umbilical lig.) (N363 or TG6-07)
Ureteric orifices (N366 or TG6-10)
JJ. Interureteric crest (N366 or TG6-10)
Urethral orifice (N366 or TG6-10)
KK. Trigone (N366 or TG6-10)
LL. Uvula (male) (N366 or TG6-10)
MM. Pubovesical ligament (female) (N365 or TG6-09)
NN. Longitudinal musculature (N393 or TG6-16 ,N394)
OO. Transverse rectal folds (N393 or TG6-16)
Ampulla (N394)
PP. Superior rectal a. and v. (N307 or TG5-14, N398)
QQ. Inferior hypogastric plexus (N410 or TG6-19, N412 or TG6-18)
Anal canal:
RR. Internal anal sphincter (N393 or TG6-16,N394)
NN. Longitudinal musculature (N393 or TG6-16,N394)
SS. Anal columns (N393 or TG6-16)
Pectinate line (N393 or TG6-16)
TT. Anal valves (N393 or TG6-16)
Anal sinuses (N393 or TG6-16)
Clinical Terms:
Hemorrhoids - external vs. internal
Imperforate anus (anal atresia)
Benign prostatic hypertrophy
Trans-urethral prostatectomy (TURP)
Prostate cancer
Cervical cancer
Ectopic pregnancy
STD/infection resulting in infertility
Prolapse of uterus
Cesarean or C-section