Practical Quiz
Superficial Limbs & Posterior Shoulder - Question 4 of 11

Identify the nerve held in the dissector's hands.
    Accessory nerve
    Anterior interosseous nerve
    Anterior cutaneous nerve
    Axillary nerve
    Cephalic vein
    Circumflex humeral artery
    Circumflex scapular artery
    Common interosseous artery
    Dorsal primary rami
    Greater occipital nerve
    Intercostal nerves
    Intercostobrachial nerve
    Lateral antebrachial cutaneous nerve
    Lateral pectoral nerve
    Lumbar triangle
    Medial antebrachial cutaneous nerve
    Medial pectoral nerve
    Median nerve
    Musculocutaneous nerve
    Pia mater
    Posterior interosseous artery
    Radial nerve
    Superficial radial nerve
    Subtrapezial plexus
    Ulnar nerve
    Ventral primary rami of thoracic spinal nerve