Practical Quiz
Superficial Limbs & Posterior Shoulder - Question 3 of 11

Identify the structure indicated by the asterisk
    Anterior interosseous artery
    Axillary artery
    Basilic vein
    Brachial veins
    Cephalic vein
    Circumflex humeral artery
    Circumflex scapular artery
    Common interosseous artery
    Deep brachial artery
    Dorsal venous arch
    Intercostal nerves
    Jugular notch
    Lactiferous ducts
    Ligamentum nuchae
    Lumbar triangle
    Median cubital vein
    Median nerve
    Palmar carpal ligament
    Pia mater
    Posterior interosseous artery
    Radial artery
    Superficial radial artery
    Suprascapular artery and vein
    Thoracoacromial artery and vein
    Ulnar artery