Practical Quiz
Superior & Posterior Mediastinum - Question 4 of 6

Identify the structure marked by the asterisk
    Vagus n.
    Left recurrent laryngeal n.
    Esophageal plexus
    Thoracic sympathetic trunk
    Thoracic ganglion
    Cervicothoracic (stellate) ganglion
    White rami communicantes
    Gray rami communicantes
    Greater splanchnic n.
    Lesser splanchnic n.
    Least splanchnic n.
    Phrenic n.
    Cardiac plexus
    Pulmonary plexuses
    Lumbar segmental nn
    Lumbar sympathetic trunk
    Subcostal n.
    Iliohypogastric n.
    Ilioinguinal n.
    Genitofemoral n.
    Lateral femoral cutaneous n.
    Femoral n.
    Obturator n.
    Intercostobrachial n.
    Intercostal n.
    Superior hypogastric plexus