Practical Quiz
Stomach & Spleen- Question 9 of 10


The dissectors' fingertips in this image are likely touching what structure?

    Abdominal esophagus
    Anterior vagal trunk
    Celiac plexus
    Common bile duct
    Gastrocolic ligament
    Gastrosplenic ligament
    Gastric rugae
    Greater omentum
    Hepatoduodenal ligament
    Hepatogastric ligament
    Lesser omentum
    Omental aprom
    Omental bursa (lesser sac)
    Omental (epiploic) foramen
    Posterior vagal trunk
    Splenorenal ligament
    Stomach- body
    Stomach- cardia
    Stomach- fundus
    Stomach- greater curvature
    Stomach- lesser curvature
    Stomach- pyloric antrum
    Stomach- pyloric sphincter
    Stomach- pylorus
    Stomach- pyloroduodenal junction