Practical Quiz
Stomach & Spleen - Question 3 of 10

Identify the vessel marked by the asterisk
    Common bile duct
    Common hepatic artery
    Cystic duct
    Inferior mesenteric a.
    Inferior mesenteric v.
    Inferior pancreaticoduodenal
    Inferior vena cava
    Ileocolic a
    Intestinal a
    Left colic a
    Left gastric a
    Left gastro-omental a
    Marginal a
    Middle colic a
    Portal vein
    Post. superior pancreaticoduodenal a
    Proper hepatic a
    Right colic a
    Right gastric a
    Right gastro-omental a
    Short gastric a
    Sigmoid a
    Superior mesenteric a
    Superior mesenteric v
    Superior rectal