Practical Quiz
Deep Back & Spinal Cord - Question 9 of 15

Identify the space indicated by the probe
    Anterior sacral foramina
    Atlas (C1)
    Axis (C2)
    Cauda equina
    Coccygeal ligament
    Conus medullaris
    Denticulate ligament
    Dorsal root ganglion
    Dura mater
    Filum terminale
    Inferior vertebral notch
    Interspinous ligament
    Intervertebral notch
    Ligamentum flavum
    Ligamentum nuchae
    Lumbar triangle
    Mastoid proces
    Pectoral girdle
    Pia mater
    Posterior sacral foramina
    Sacral hiatus
    Subarachnoid space
    Superior vertebral notch
    Transverse process
    Vertebral venous plexus