Practical Quiz
Deep Back & Spinal Cord - Question 1 of 15

Identify the structure at the tip of the arrow
    Anterior spinal a (or v)
    Arachnoid membrane
    Arachnoid trabeculae
    Cauda equina
    Cervical enlargement
    Conus medullaris
    Denticulate ligament
    Dorsal (post.) primary ramus
    Dorsal rootlets
    Dorsal root ganglion
    Dura mater
    Epidural fat
    Epidural space
    Filum terminale
    Gray matter
    Lumbar enlargement
    Pia mater
    Posterior spinal a (or v)
    Radicular a (or v)
    Spinal n.
    Subarachnoid space
    Subdural space
    Ventral (ant.) primary ramus
    Ventral rootlets
    Vertebral venous plexus
    White matter