Practical Quiz
Posterior Triangle of the Neck - Question 4 of 19

Identify the structure marked by the asterisk
    Carotid Sheath
    Stylopharyngeus m.
    Platysma m.
    Arytenoideus m.
    Thyrohyoid m.
    Thyroarytenoid m.
    Anterior Scalene m.
    Prevertebral Fascial
    Superior Laryngeal a.
    Sternohyoid m.
    Suprascapular n.
    Internal Jugular v.
    Posterior Scalene m.
    Subclavian a.
    Pretracheal Fascia
    Omohyoid m.
    Thoracic Duct
    Pharyngeal Constictor m.
    Middle Scalene m.
    Inferior Laryngeal a.
    Cricothyroid m.
    Sternothyroid m.
    Thyroid Gland
    Buccopharyngeal Fascia
    Sternocleidomastiod m.
    Dorsal Scapular a.