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Peritoneal Cavity & Intestines - Question 10 of 12


If A is the abdominal aorta, and B is a sigmoid branch, identify C.

    Anterior cecal fold
    Appendicular a.
    Arteriae rectae
    Ascending br. of left colic a.
    Circular folds
    Falciform ligament
    Fusion fascia
    Iliocecal valve
    Iliocolic a.
    Inferior mesenteric a.
    Intestinal a.
    Left colic a.
    Marginal a.
    Mesentary (of small intestine)
    Omental aprom (greater omentum)
    Omental appendages
    Parietal peritoneum
    Sigmoid a.
    Sigmoid mesocolon
    Superior mesenteric a.
    Superior rectal a.
    Tenia coli
    Transverse mesocolon
    Visceral peritoneum