Practical Quiz
Pelvic Wall & Floor - Question 5 of 5

Identify the structure marked by the asterisk
    Aberrant obturator a.
    Artery of bulb
    Common iliac a.
    Deep artery of clitoris
    Deep artery of penis
    Dorsal artery of clitoris
    Dorsal artery of penis
    Iliolumbar a.
    Inferior gluteal a
    Inferior rectal a.
    Inferior vesical a.
    Internal iliac a.
    Internal pudendal a.
    Lateral sacral a.
    Middle rectal a.
    Obturator a.
    Ovarian a.
    Posterior labial a.
    Posterior scrotal a.
    Superior gluteal a.
    Superior rectal a.
    Superior vesical a.
    Testicular a.
    Umbilical a.
    Uterine a.
    Vaginal a.