Practical Quiz
Pelvic Viscera - Question 5 of 9

Identify the structures marked by the tip of the arrow
    Anal columns
    Anal sinuses
    Anal valve
    Arcus tendineus levator ani
    External anal sphincter m.
    Gluteus maximus m.
    Gluteus medius m.
    Gluteus minimus m.
    Greater sciatic foramen
    Iliacus m.
    Internal anal sphincter m.
    Lesser sciatic foramen
    Levator ani m.
    Obturator externus m.
    Obturator internus m.
    Urogenital hiatus
    Pelvic diaphragm
    Pectinate line
    Perineal body
    Perineal membrane
    Piriformis m.
    Psoas major m.
    Pudendal canal
    Sacrospinous ligament
    Sacrotuberous ligament
    Sphincter urethrae m.