Practical Quiz
Pelvic Viscera - Question 1 of 9

Identify the structure at the tip of the arrow
    Labia majora
    Labia minora
    Ovarian ligament
    Rectouternine pouch
    Round ligament of uterus
    Sphincter urethrae m.
    Suspensory ligament of ovary
    Uterine tube - ampulla
    Uterine tube - fimbriae
    Uterine tube - infundibulum
    Uterine tube - isthmus
    Uterine tube - ostium
    Uterus - body
    Uterus - cervical canal
    Uterus - cervix
    Uterus - cervix, intravaginal part
    Uterus - external os
    Uterus - fundus
    Uterus - isthmus
    Uterus - uterine cavity
    Vagina - fornix
    Vesicouterine pouch