Practical Quiz
Pectoral Region & Breast - Question 1 of 7

What is the structure under the skin marked by the asterisk?
    Anterior axillary (pectoral) lymph node
    Bronchomediastinal lymph trunk
    Cephalic v.
    Clavipectoral fascia
    Costal parietal pleura
    Deltopectoral triangle
    External intercostal m.
    External intercostal membrane
    Innermost intercostal m.
    Internal intercostal m.
    Internal intercostal membrane
    Internal thoracic a.
    Internal thoracic v.
    Lactiferous duct
    Lactiferous sinus
    Musculophrenic a.
    Parasternal lymph node
    Pectoralis major m.
    Pectoralis minor m.
    Serratus anterior m.
    Subcostal m.
    Superior epigastric a.
    Transversus thoracis m.