Practical Quiz
Joints of the Upper & Lower Limbs - Question 7 of 20

Identify the structure indicated by the asterisk
    Antebrachial fascia
    Anterior cruciate ligament
    Annular ligament
    Brachial fascia
    Carpal tunnel
    Carpometacarpal ligament
    Coracoacromial ligament
    Coracoclaviular ligament
    Deltoid ligament
    Dorsal radiocarpal ligament
    Glenohumeral band
    Glenoid labrum
    Iliopectineal bursa
    Interosseous membrane
    Intercondylar fossa
    Ligamentum capitis femoris
    Posterior cruciate ligament
    Radial collateral ligament
    Subscapular bursa
    Tendon of the long head of biceps
    Transverse acetabular ligament
    Transverse humeral ligament
    Ulnar collateral ligament
    Zona orbicularis