Practical Quiz
Joints of the Lower Limb - Question 2 of 6

Identify the structure marked by the asterisks
    Illiopectineal Bursa
    Lateral Condyle, Tibia
    Sustentaculum Tali
    Acetabular Labrum
    Medial Condyle, Femur
    Anterior Cruciate Ligament
    Intercondylar Fossa
    Ligament of Head of Femur
    Obturator Foramen
    Soleal Line
    Fovea Capitus
    Pectineal Line of Femur
    Patellar Surface
    Lateral Meniscus
    Lateral Condyle, Femur
    Linea Aspera
    Intertrochanteric Line
    Fibular Collateral Ligament
    Intercondyloid Spines
    Adductor Tubercle
    Medial Condyle, Tibia
    Tibial Collateral Ligament
    Medial Meniscus
    Intercondyloid eminence
    Posterior Cruciate Ligament