Practical Quiz
Superficial Back - Question 7 of 9

Identify the vessel passing between the underlying rhomboid muscles indicated by the blue arrow
    Accessory nerve (C.N. XI)
    Basilic vein
    Cephalic vein
    Cutaneous nerve- dorsal primary rami
    Dorsal scapular artery
    Dorsum of sacrum
    External occipital protuberance
    Falx inguinalis
    Fascia Lata
    Inferior epigastric a.
    Greater occipital nerve
    Latissimus dorsi
    Levator scapulae
    Linea alba
    Ligamentum nuchae
    Lumbar triangle
    Mastoid proces
    Pectoral girdle
    Rhomboideus major
    Rhomboideus minor
    Spinal nerve C3
    Spinal nerve C4
    Superior nuchal line
    Thoracolumbar aponeurosis
    Triangle of auscultation
    Ulnar nerve