Practical Quiz
Superficial Back - Question 4 of 9

What space is marked by the asterisk?
    Anatomical snuff box
    Anterior compartment (forearm)
    Anterior cervical triangle
    Anterior compartment (arm)
    Carotid triangle
    Central compartment
    Cubital fossa
    Deltopectoral triangle
    Hypothenar compartment
    Infraspinatus fossa
    Inteross-adductor compart.
    Muscular triangle
    Neurovascular compartment
    Occipital triangle
    Posterior compartment (forearm)
    Posterior cervical triangle
    Posterior compartment (arm)
    Quadrangular space
    Subclavian (omoclavic.) triangle
    Submandibular triangle
    Submental triangle
    Subscapular fossa
    Supraspinatus fossa
    Thenar compartment
    Triangle of Auscultation