Practical Quiz
Inguinal Region - Question 8 of 8

Identify the structure marked with the RED asterisk
    Anterior superior iliac spine
    Anterior scrotal/labial n.
    Arcuate line
    Cremaster muscle & fascia
    Deep, investing fascia
    Ductus deferens
    Extraperitoneal fascia
    External spermatic fascia & m.
    Fascia lata
    Fatty layer of superficial fascia
    Falx inguinalis (conjoint tendon)
    Interspinous ligament
    Genital br. of genitofemoral n.
    Iliac crest
    Iliopectineal line
    Inguinal ligament
    Intercrural fibers
    Lacunar ligament
    Lateral crus
    Medial crus
    Medial umbilical ligament (obliterated umbilical a.)
    Median umbilical ligament (urachus)
    Parietal peritoneum
    Pectineal ligament
    Transversalis fascia
    Tunica dartos scroti