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Inguinal Region - Question 6 of 8

An indirect inguinal hernia passes through this oulined structure, what is it?
    Arcuate line
    Abdom. superfic. fascia, fatty layer
    Abdom. superfic. fascia, memb. layer
    Deep (internal) inguinal ring
    External oblique
    Falx inguinalis (conjoint tendon)
    Fascia lata
    Iliohypogastric n.
    Ilioinguinal n.
    Inferior epigastric a.
    Inguinal ligament
    Internal oblique
    Lacunar ligament
    Linea alba
    Pectineal ligament
    Rectus abdominus
    Round ligament of uterus
    Segmental n.
    Semilunar line
    Spermatic fascia - external
    Spermatic fascia - internal
    Superficial inguinal ring
    Superfic. inguinal ring - lateral crus
    Superfic. inguinal ring - medial crus
    Superficial epigastric a.
    Tendinous intersection